Life Story

Meera was born on 15th July 1976 in Lahore. She started acting in school plays in high school and went on to model for various commercial products while still in high school. Meera went to Lahore's Kinniard College and continued to act in school plays, however at this point her modelling career really took off as she appeared in ads for Pepsi and Lux while still in her mid-teens. She continued to model for various agencies in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and became one of the country's top supermodels. At this point, Meera was also approached by various directors in Lahore to sign on for roles in their movies. She signed with two directors including Samina Peerzada who was making her debut as a director in Inteha (1999). Peerzada signed Meera on as the lead in her directorial debut - and Meera was sensational.


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Regular host of the Top 20 Music Countdown on PTV.
Graduated from Kinniard College in Lahore.
Signed on as a teen model while still in high school.
Voted one of Pakistan's most beautiful stars of 2000.
Is an active model, making appearances across Pakistan on a regular basis.
Beat out Reema and other established stars for her role as Sara in the blockbuster Inteha (1999).
Is single, and lives with her parents in Lahore. [2001]
Owns a range of high performance vehicles in Lahore but rarely drives on her own. She says she doesn't trust herself behind the wheel.

Personal Quotes 

On working with director Mahesh Bhatt: "I am so comfortable with Mahesh. I can hug him, kiss him on his cheeks and listen to him speak for endless hours. He decides whom I should meet, where to meet them. I trust him totally." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
"I will not do any kissing scenes and no exposure at all, nothing like Murder (2004). I come from Pakistan, I am a Muslim girl, I will not do anything indecent or vulgar. I don't want anyone to even approach me or talk to me if they want me to do any kissing scenes or exposure which is vulgar." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
"I am shooting every day, fans approach me for autographs, it becomes difficult for me to go unrecognized anywhere. My car windows are curtained. I have never gone to restaurants for dinner, because people stare at me, pass remarks, come to my table for autographs, so I prefer to spend time with my family and friends at home. I never go out to public places in Pakistan." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
When asked if she was sorry for being the first Pakistani actress to do a kissing scene, Meera responded: "Why should I feel sorry? I have not done anything wrong." (March, 2005)
"Pakistan is my country and India is the place where I am working. When I feel I will come to Pakistan or come back to India. I am the ambassador of peace. I feel India and Pakistan are like two sisters. If I desire I will go to any of the sisters whenever I want." (March, 2005)


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