Events in islamabad

Events in Islamabad

Being Islamabadian I always had to hear from my friends and family relatives how this city is so boring and dull. How a person not living here can simply be so judgmental. My city my pride my Islamabad, let me assure you the events in Islamabad covers little bit of everything and do make room for persons from every walk of life. From an average person’s view this city is populated with people from all over the country and living here for the reasons of education and jobs opportunity, so dear if you consider yourself to be one of them the biggest opportunity for you in this coming year of 2017 would be attending the education expo Islamabad. Starting from this one can Cleary have idea about upcoming trends and happing in field of education from all over the world. The Expo bringing universities and colleges under one roof that include respected and conventional higher education institutes from North America and the UK as well emergent ones in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey & the UAE.

For all my fashionista and stylish resident of this city, the main possibility could be attending the lifestyle exhibition in Islamabad. Oh, this city can never forgets the aunties and the upcoming talents to get motivated and be updated with all the trends and fusions of lifestyles. With fabulous start of the 2017 Year, preparations for celebrations are already under way in Islamabad – beautiful capital of Pakistan at the end of 2016 could not be forgotten for the New Years Eve in Islamabad. With New Year, the top part is that both the cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi were decorated with neon lights. You name it; the markets or bazaars, all the official buildings, and most of the fireworks are a blast. As soon as clock turns a second above twelve midnight, sky lights up with beautiful sounds were heard we can conclude the new years events in Islamabad can never be underestimated

With all once said we can now jump back to the topic of 2017 and the lively islamabad. I can really assure you the lists upcoming events in Islamabad 2017 will make you believe and say it’s not a boring city after all! Speaking of upcoming events in islamabad, let me take you to the mesmerising concerts in islamabad topic. Clearly being city of youthful people one can never forgets the concerts of this city. As a history the turnout at the concerts are always beyond expected. After having a busy day at office and day full of lectures and presentations all one can dream of is having a weekend full of life, there is no better way of celebrating life but by attending upcoming concerts in islamabad 2017. I being part of this city can make you sure you will get what you want, from classical evening with senior artist to the pop and rocking musical concerts at weekend nights.


Back to a reality check, sadly the people know me do called this city as city of nerds, so true but proudly true, we being islamabadians do have lot of opportunities related to educational sector, there is education fair Islamabad 2017 planned up for this year, education expo in islamabad as well as, dawn education expo in islamabad no wonders they provide the youth of islamabad the unbeatable abilities to shine through the educational phase and also there carriers.

The very other secret information I am keeping to face my bugging relatives is on top of everything same like cherry on top my city, yes my Islamabad is the most famous and popular city of Pakistan. This is also a capital of Pakistan and ninth largest cities in the whole world and is known as city of flowers. Ever wonder how many types and colours of flower can exists in Islamabad the best way simply is to attend flower exhibition in islamabad, they are held every year and same as is planned to happen in 2017.

I must say all events in Islamabad do revolves around its beauty and its versatile residence. Keep up with the life of busy humans today events in islamabad are totally based upon the choices and like dislikes. Being a city of settlers of many cultures its man focus is always in providing the best cultural events in islamabad. They majorly represents the Potohaar region, its mounts and people fully blessed with rich cultures. Events in Islamabad majorly occupies the cultural exhibitions, the musical events highlighting the flock and classical music, for appreciation of cultural heritage.’

Among all this how can I possibly forgets the business people of this city which surly comprise the major part of islamabad. Being a part of one business family I sure had idea of the need of information and seminar for such category. The best and easy way to stay updated is by business events in Islamabad. The target the best market of this city and also people across the nation come to visit these seminars and become the part of these events. Being the settlers of different regions and cities the most common celebration happen at time of Eid and other festive holidays, that is the time when I do miss my bugging relatives and being away from them do melts my heart. But no worries, this city keeping in mind the emotions and feelings of its people provide with the best opportunity to have most fun with eid events in islamabad. There is always a festivity always a life in this city. I can clearly say there is lit bit of everything for everyone in Islamabad. So the very next time if any one of you face the same troubling situation of being bugged by relatives to be living in Islamabad, don’t worry just give them the list of, islamabad events guide. So no one for sure can bother you more.

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