Hong Chau

Hong Chau


Life Story

Hong Chau was born in 1979 in Thailand. She is an actress and writer, known for Downsizing (2017), Inherent Vice (2014) and Treme (2010).


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Raised in New Orleans, by Vietnamese parents.
Hong Chau was born in Thailand, to Vietnamese parents who had immigrated there as refugees (they were among the Vietnamese Boat People). Her parents then moved to the U.S., and she grew up in the eastern part of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Graduated from Boston University.


Personal Quotes 

our first union job is like a break because now you're in the union. 'Treme' was big, because that was my first time getting to return to a show.
My very first day [filming Inherent Vice] was my most fun and fancy-free day, and then I got more and more nervous. Which is odd: you'd think it'd be the other way around.
We shot this crazy car chase scene in the canyon overnight, we wrapped with the sun came up, and I remember feeling super high and happy. And then I got my very first speeding ticket ever, driving back home. I had crazy green eye shadow on and my hair was insane, and the cop said, 'Where are you coming from?' 'I'm coming from work - I'm an actor!



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