Alison Sudol

Alison Sudol


Life Story

Alison Sudol is an actress, musician and author based in Los Angeles. Alongside a successful music career Alison starred in the 2 x Golden Globe winning Amazon hit 'Transparent', USA network's 'DIG' from the creators of Homeland and Heroes and Rafael Palacio's "The Force". Alison plays 'Queenie' in the new Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


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Alison Sudol is an American alternative singer-songwriter and actress. Known as A Fine Frenzy, her first album "One Cell in the Sea" was released in 2007. Her second album, "Bomb in a Birdcage" was released in 2009. Her third album "Pines" was released to global critical acclaim in October 2012. Alison is a Goodwill Ambassador for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and lives in Los Angeles.
Alison was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Quotes 

I found music a very non-feminine place to be in, so embracing this level of femininity has been a really interesting challenge for me. It really was difficult for me to go, "Okay, I can be soft and feminine and strong and take care of myself and not lessen myself." I've enjoyed that quite a bit, I've enjoyed wearing heels and a dress every day and having these lovely curls and soft fabrics.
I'm a much newer actress than everybody else [in Fantastic Beasts] and there was a lot of pressure coming into it. But I had this strange feeling during the auditions that there was a huge force behind me; I could either get smashed underneath it and crumble because of how much I wanted it and how big this was, or step on top of it and let it push me upwards.
I can spend entire days walking, going to museums, parks and coffee shops and just observing people.
In LA you can be quite isolated, but in London you can ride the Tube and are right in the thick of humanity and every type of person that you can imagine is passing by. I love watching people.
I come from the music world, where you're constantly surrounded by men and you feel like you're in really intimate situations all the time working with guys.
This is a wild surreal dream for me, I read all of the books. I read some of the books on tour, actually, and it's really lovely to have that sort of universe to escape to, because when you're on tour you are constantly moving from city to city and then it's all quite disorientating, and then to go to such a strong vivid world in my bunk at night is really quite lovely.


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