Mian Biwi aur Wagah

Mian, Biwi aur Wagah’ (Husband, Wife and the Wagah Border) is a play that beckons a memorable homecoming experience for the lovers of Urdu theater and the lost tradition of letter-writing. This is the UAE's and the Middle East's first original, Urdu theatre play and the first Urdu production from the Middle East to go international. So far 8 successful shows of the play have been performed in Dubai and New Delhi. Now for the first time this unique, original, Urdu theatre production comes to Karachi, Pakistan. The play’s premise is weaved among three central characters – a wife-husband duo, both journalists, from Karachi (Pakistan) and Bihar (India), who are seen and heard writing letters to their kith and kin from all walks of life, set in different cities, and through a range of varied emotions. Transcending borders, socio-economic conditions, and rural-urban divide, the play is presented in a refreshing light-hearted, jocular, at times poignant and thought-provoking manner. At the parallel, lies Wagah, the border that separates the two countries, but in essence is the true metaphor for what brings the two people together. Wagah as a character is played in symbolism to the unity as well as the disparity of both the countries, and is also represented as a storyteller who weaves intimate memories, incidents, inner explorations and observations of handwritten words. The journeys, together with the ordinary exchanges, create a series of vivid images and conversations, inviting the audience to a heartwarming rendezvous with letter-writing. Riding on experimental theater dynamics and inventive sound and light ingredients, the production hopes to send a message of a revival of the art of soul-stirring communication by putting pen to paper and writing intensely to our loved ones. All letters staged are originally written and based on true stories and experiences that remain rooted in partition-seeped narratives. Beyond the obvious, the letters document stereotypes and idiosyncrasies of our times.

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