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Mashq – Celebrating Arts
Mashqis a platform where our youth live and celebrate Arts.
At Mashq we offer educational programs and promote every expression of art.
We believe in engaging, inspiring and transforming the lives of youth through regular classes,
innovative workshops, lectures, hands on various creative activities and
gatherings.Mashq features unique, high-quality and locally made crafts and art that contribute
in promoting our artists.
Mashq is a vision for future and we are excited to share it.
Mashq Arts:

“ Mashq Arts” is an arty and incredible initiative by Mashq.
The objective of this initiative is to train our youth by providing a creative environment through
NCA graduates and well experienced / renowned artists from the industry.
Mashq Arts include the following courses:

1. Digital Photography
The objective of this course is to produce professional photographers. The whole course is
planned in such a way that every participant learns photography in real after attending the
main 8 sessions being offered in the course. It’s all about exercising and practicing instead being
based on theory. It develops technical understanding plus creative skills in the participants.
Course Outline for Digital Photography:
1. Brief Introduction & Photography History
2. Technical Aspects of Camera
3. Lenses
4. Light Study (Theory/Practical/Indoor+outdoor shoots/Assignments)
5. Fashion Photography (Theory/Practical/Assignments)
6. Product Photography (Theory/Practical/Assignments)
7. Photography in Advertising (Theory/Practical/Assignments)
Couse Duration: 01 month – Total 08 Sessions

2. Filmmaking
Roll, Camera, Action!
Filmmaking is a one month's weekend based, course for budding filmmakers and beginners. Its
objective is to polish the skills of our students under the guidance of professional directors and
experts from the film industry.
Course Outline:
1- introduction to Film-making.
2 - Brief history of film.
3 - Understanding plot, genre, production and editing.
4 - story-telling through visuals.
5 - movie production.
6 – How to make a short Film ( Final Project )
Course Duration: 01 month – Total 08 Sessions
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Complete Course)

3.Graphic Design:
This course gives our learners a clear understanding on how to work with print and web
projects in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign by giving them freedom and confidence to
create marketing stuff like flyers, business cards, web graphics, and photo editing. The main
objective of this course is to build a skillset that can set you up to be employable in the creative
industry as a graphic designer.
Course Outline:
1.Orientation & what is color
2. Intro to vector graphics and the design principles
3. Storyboard For Graphics & How to Design a Logo
4. Working with Adobe Illustrator
5. Working with Drawing Tools & Fill Options
6. Working with Pen Tool
7. How to create Compound shapes
8. Working with Typography
9. Creating corporate identity
10. Working with Adobe Photoshop

11. Working with Layer & Selection Tools
12. Working with Layer Masking & Channels
13. Histogram, image adjustments & Filters
14. Working with Retouching tools & Techniques
15. Text Effects in Adobe Photoshop
16. Working with Filters
17. Web Layouts & Animation
18. Working with Adobe Indesign
Couse Duration: 01 month – Total 08 Sessions
Course Fee: Rs. 15000 /- Complete course

4. Drawing / Sketching
This includes drawing practice from basic lines to still life drawing and figure drawing. This
course is perfect for the one who wants to learn drawing as a hobby or wants to improve
drawing skills for admission in any art college/university.
Course Duration: 03 – 06 months
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

5. Portrait Sketching
Portrait Sketching is one of our specialized courses. Its objective is to transfer portrait sketching
skills to students. This course is perfect for those who are interested in portrait sketching and
want to learn this art as a hobby or want to peruse it as a career.
Course Duration: 03 – 06 months
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

6. Painting
Here in this course one learns the techniques and skills of painting. This course has been further
divided into five major categories:
1. Miniature Painting
2. Water Colour Painting
3. Oil Painting
4. Acrylic Painting

5. Pencil Colors
Course Duration: 03 – 06 months
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

7. Calligraphy
It’s a perfect opportunity for those who want to learn calligraphy in real. Here the students
experience different Urdu calligraphy styles and learn how to use calligraphy as an art in a
creative yet innovative way.
Course Duration: 03 – 06 months
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

8. Story Board Illustrations
In this course students learn the art of making story boards and framings, the concept of
perspective, and quick sketching skills.
Course Duration: 02 – 04 months
#Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

9. Aircraft Model making
Mashq announces 3 weekends based, Course, “Aircraft Model Making by an Aircraft engineer Bilal
Learn and polish your skills under the guidance of professional engineers and experts from the
Course Outline:
1. Brief Introduction to aviation
2. Technical aspects of an Aircraft
3. Structure of an aircraft exterior
4. Aircraft Manuals Study
5. Cutting & Pasting of an Aircraft parts
6. Aerodynamics of the Aircraft
7. Exterior Art of an aircraft
#Course Fee: Rs.3,000 (Complete Course)

Ticket info

Digital Photography Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Complete Course)

Filmmaking Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Complete Course)

Graphic Design: Course Fee: Rs. 15000 /- Complete course (20% DISCOUNT for first 05 students)

Drawing / Sketching Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

Portrait Sketching Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

Painting Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

Calligraphy Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

Story Board Illustrations Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

Aircraft Model making Course Fee: Rs.3,000 (Complete Course)

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Mashq Lahore

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