Moola Chotok on Bikes (Adventure, Bonfire, Camping)

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Moola Chotok is situated in the Khuzdar region of Baluchistan, some 530 km from Karachi

It’s an Oasis Hidden in the Baluchistan Desert within a Mountain Range,

Not many had even heard of this destination a year or two back, and only recently it’s become a Hub for Tourists from Quetta, Khuzdar as well as Karachi.

One has to Drive to Khuzdar on the Karachi - Quetta Highway from where a combination of paved and unpaved road leads through the pure wilderness of Baluchistan desert passing through green vegetation as well as dry desert rocks. After a good distance of nearly 130 km you reach between the mountains where there lies an old guest house and a simple 10 minutes hike leads you to a long array of canyons with channels of crystal clear Spring Water flowing right out of the mountain itself.

For a new person its extremely difficult to locate since there are no road signs in the middle of this desert when the unpaved roads split in two or even three different directions.

Most common mode of transport is 4 X 4 Jeeps or Hilux. The other possible mode of transport is by Motorcycle since it’s a very rough track and not approachable by Car dur to the unpaved and mountainous regions.

Once there, one can enjoy playing and swimming in the crystal-clear spring water. One can even walk deep into the Gorge following the flow of water through the channel where it seems to be coming out of the walls in some locations, while in others there are natural waterfalls flowing into the channel. 

We are giving the opportunity to Bikers to explore the picturesque Moola Chutook Gorge. 

We will be leaving from Karachi on Friday 20th of October at 09:00 pm sharp. The gathering point for the group is Suzuki Macca Motors close to Pearl banquet on Rashid Minhas road. 

Bikes will join the caravan of Jeeps from Khuzdar on the journey through the desert with some spectacular scenery of the surrounding landscapes while going through towns villages that will take you a century back in time. Locals in those towns are surprisingly very hospitable and welcoming to visitors.

After a good 5 hours’ drive through the combination of paved and unpaved roads we will eventually reach Moola Chotok by Mid Afternoon.

Upon arrival everyone will naturally rush to the Water Spring which is 20 mins walking distance from the Guest House or our camping site. During this time Lunch, will be arranged so that after a brief one hour visit to the Spring you may return to have lunch and rest a while and enjoy the evening tea.

We will setup our Camp Village where we will enjoy bonfire and stargazing. 

If you are still awake at 2:30 am or so you will witness the spectacular view of the Milkyway Galaxy with an unaided eye.

In the morning, we will have breakfast and some may want to take a short last minute dip into the Water before our Departure around 08:00 am

We should arrive in Karachi by night fall as daytime driving will be much faster as compared to night time driving. 

- 100 cc Also a Light Bike and Great for this Tour
- 125 cc 
- 150 cc

Costs of Event:

Rs 4,000 Per Person
Which includes all Meals and the Use of Jeeps to carry Luggage and Supplies for Bikers

Personal Car Passengers - Rs 6,500 Per Person
This will include all Meals as well as Transportation in Jeeps to and from Moola Chotok

- All Meals 
-Sat - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
-Sun - Breakfast, Lunch. We will be home for dinner time
- First Aid 
- Tour Guide through the Desert
- Camps on Sharing Basis
- Sleeping bags
-Mechanic Assistance 

1- Personal trekking equipment.
2- Personal Clothing
3- Insurance liability medical aid, and helicopter rescue coverage.
4- Any kind of expense incurred, if anyone leaves trip at any stage due to any reason.
5- Anything thing other than mentioned above in “Cost Include” area is not included in cost.

-Sun glasses
- P-Cap
-Water bottle
-Lighter or match stick
-Trekking boots 
-Durable Joggers/Sneakers 
-Tissue roll
-Sandals / Chappal(s)
- Personal Clothing
- Towels
- Swim Suit(s)
- Bed Sheet(s)
- Pillow(s)

- All Meals 
- Jeeps to Transport you with Supplies 

Due to the Fact that ALL Supplies from water, to food, to Bathroom Setup, must be taken along we are only able to take 20 bikers only. 

Registration Begins Now and will remain open till Wednesday, October 11, or until the above limitations have been met.

Ticket info

Ticket Price:Rs 4,000/= for bike

Ticket Price:Rs 6500/= for car

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