Majestic Chitral & Kalash (Departure from Karachi)

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Once in a lifetime opportunity to be amazed by this exquisite district!

Chitral is one of North Pakistan’s lesser frequented, yet rich and beautiful districts, situated perfectly with Gilgit-Baltistan to its east, Afghanistan to its west, Swat & Dir to its south; and separated with Tajikistan by the infamous Wakhan Corridor to its north. Lets go and experience this wonderful district that on top of all its beauty and traditions accommodates one of the world’s most unique civilizations: the Kalash!

• Let us go and observe their world before it's too late and we lose yet another beautiful tribe that has been largely misunderstood.
• Let us learn their ways and broaden our views.
• Let us try and help them as much as possible and collectively work to protect them.

Each year the Kalash people celebrate three festivals. Chilam Joshi is the most cherished, three-day, joy filled event held in the beginning of spring. The Kalash have their traditional ways of celebrating and showing gratitude. Their customs and language are quite different from their neighbours, as is their history. The festival of Chilam Joshi starts at Rumbur valley and then progresses on to the other valleys, namely Bhamboreet and Barir. In this festival Kalashi people pray for safety of their fields and animals before leaving their fields.

This is a cultural tour with many comforts, allowing one to truly focus on observing and respecting the Kalash and Chitral. There shall be many other separate trips that include trekking and camping. Please contact us if you would like us to organise a bespoke trip for you.


10 May - Day 1
Karachi to Islamabad (by air) 
Overnight at Guest house. 

11 May - Day 2 
Islamabad to Chitral early morning 0400 departure. 
Orientation at Hindukush Heights with dinner - best hotel in all of Chitral - where we will be staying for the entire duration of this trip.

Michael Palin in his book Himalaya writes: “The Hindukush Heights hotel is set on the side of a hill with a fine view of the valley and Chitral town…. The emphasis is firmly on local design and craftsmanship …In the garden the heat smells of rosemary and jasmine.” Hindukush Heights has its own hydro electricity, and the water supply flows directly from a mountain spring. A tastefully decorated dining room serves a variety of dishes and the vegetables are supplied from the hotels own organic garden.

Among the many assets of Hindukush Heights, is caring and friendly staff who the owners show off proudly to their guests: “most of these boys have grown up with the hotel since its infancy, like the flowers and bushes you see around”, says Ghazalla Ulmulk whose tender care can be seen in every part and aspect of Hindukush Heights.

12 May - Day 3 
Introducing Chitral
Shahi Mosque (Grand Mosque)
Shahi Qila (Chitral Fort)
Khowar Houses 
Polo Ground
Bonfire & stories by local elders

13 May - Day 4 
Garam Chashma - located in the ancient valley of Injigan, enjoy the scenic beauty en route and view the breathtaking rocky spires of Shoghore. The water of the chashma has been famously perceived for centuries to have medicinal properties. Refresh and treat yourselves to one of earth’s natural spas!

14 May - Day 5 
Birmoghlasht in Chitral Gol National Park - perched high above the town amongst the pine trees, the location has a 360 view of snowcapped peaks all around. There is also a beautiful walk along a ridge, high above the valley if anyone is up for it. Rich in biodiversity and home to the national animal of Pakistan: the Markhor (a wild mountain goat living amongst dangerous steep cliffs), the place is pure beauty to observe in nature. Unfortunately these are endangered now and hence, all efforts to protect them must be made.

15 May - Day 6 
Rumbur Valley - one of the three Kalash valleys in the Chitral district, lies to the north of Bumburet and has fewer Muslim homesteads and sees fewer tourists. It is considerably narrower than Bumburet, and without that valley’s numerous shady meadows, remains rugged and majestic, the mountain ridges higher and the river much wilder. As there are few tourists, the Kalasha are less shy and less nervous than those in Bumburet. No one if asked, objects to having their photograph taken or asks for money for posing. Only seldom does the sound of jeeps destroy the peaceful silence of the valley, which has Nuristani Village situated on top.

16 May - Day 7 
Bumburet Valley - largest of the three Kalash valleys and considered the most beautiful among all, with its sparkling streams, shady meadows, mulberry, apricot and walnut trees, wide mountain vistas, yellow and green fields. Most of the hotels are run by foreign Muslims, which leaves little economic benefit for the Kalasha. At the top end of the 9-mile valley, near the government rest house, there is a Nuristani village. Here begins the route, through a side valley, which leads on to the Shawal Pass, the highest into Nuristan and once a part of the ancient Silk Road.

For both these Kalash valleys (Rumbur & Bumburet): Observe the way of the Kalasha people.

“They live in small villages built on the hillsides near the banks of streams. Their houses are constructed of rough-hewn logs and are double story because of the steepness of the slopes. The Kalash love music and their instruments are drums and flutes. Their colorful dances impart a feeling of peace, joy and contentment. If you join them in their dance, they interpret it as a sign of friendship and will open their hearts to you and reveal some of their mysteries, their joys and sorrows. You depart with a sense of poignancy and nostalgia for these beautiful children of nature and nagging fear that all the sweetness and innocence may soon be swept away forever by the power and intolerance that often hide themselves under the banner of progress.”

17 May - Day 8
Farewell Chitral, hope to meet again!

> Cost per person (2 person room-sharing): 
Rs. 65,000
Flights from Karachi to Islamabad.
Overnight at guesthouse in Islamabad. 
Road transport from Islamabad to Chitral and within Chitral and Kalash. 
All meals (three) per day, excellent quality food. 
Comfortable and luxurious accommodation.
Services to a high standard that are focused on your experiential learning. 

> For those intending on joining us in Islamabad:
47,000 per person. 

All payments will be made out via

Payment Methods:
- Credit Card / Debit Card / Easypay
- Bank Transfer
- Cash Collection

Please note:
1. Only LIMITED SEATS are available for every event. Make sure to be prompt with your bookings.

2. Carry your own personal items and any other required belongings.

3. All payment deposits MUST be made at least 4 weeks prior to your trip.

4. In case you need to cancel your trip, make sure to contact TACTACK at least 2 weeks prior to your departure in order to avail 100% refund.

5. If you cancel within 2 weeks of your departure then only 50% will be refunded. 

6. In case any equipment owned by TACTACK is lost or damaged, the cost of replacing the equipment will be borne by the individual responsible.

7. We aim to commence integrated training programs to help empower these hospitable communities, helping them acquire tools to prosper. This means, a responsible and positive attitude is mandatory.


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Chitral and Kalash

Chitral and Kalash

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