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We , , are a team to provide you with your One Stop Entertainment Solution - With the passion of giving the best , deriving innovation for your ease , inculcating the new trends to let you stay connected with everything happening around.


When we call you, will you comeback?

... back to the orderly ticketing queue, to the breezy concert grounds, to say hello to your favourite bouncers, to witness the breathless bustle at the backstage tents and action at the Audio-visual desk. Would you return to dream in the dancing shadows of violet stage lights, to get lost in our stories and narratives - would you return to smile for your friends, and make new ones.

Will you comeback to form a new order with us, to be kind to each other, to respect and protect each other. Back to help us rebuild what we built from scratch.

All you have to do is say yes. ✊

The hub of music in Pakistan hosts artists from all across the country, join us in welcoming:

Kaif Ghaznavi - Dancer and performing artist, mother and thought-leader. Hailing from Hyderabad, now based in Karachi. Kaif embodies the spirit of the interdisciplinary woman artist, we will begin our season with her blessings and narrative on climate change, Mother Earth and freedom of expression. @kaifghaznavi
Khumariyaan - Pakistan’s favourite and foremost tribal folk quartet - a band of beautiful and spirited humans, joining us from Islamabad and Peshawar, for our beloved, Karachi. Khumariyaan’s trust and equanimity, takes our breath away each time. Khumariyaan has also been featured, paired with Somewhatsuper at SUPERSALT 2018, and performed for our 75th show in Karachi to a full house in 2019. @khumariyaanband
Somewhatsuper - Pakistan’s most celebrated EDM duo from the land of five rivers. Flying in from Lahore for our dancing hearts. Talha and Feroze stand for inclusion and collaboration, and that’s what we love the most. One of our top acts and the audience’s favourite combination with Khumariyaan as seen at SUPERSALT 2018, and headlined a season premium show in 2019. @somewhatsuperworld


COMEBACK KARACHI: Introducing Buddy Tickets: 

The buddy system: When two people operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. This practice nurtures a sense of belonging and mutuality. A buddy ticket will admit two people, in the following categories. 

Category 1: Both Women - Special Pricing!

Category 2: Woman and Man

Category 3: Both Men (Limited Spots) 

Show Time:

Ticketing queue begins at 5.00PM Sharp

(First come, first served, if you come late you will have to wait) 

Concert ground opens at 6.30PM 

Show starts at 7.30PM

Show closes at 11.00PM 

Venue Detail

Beach Luxury Hotel - Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel - Karachi

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