Speak Up Pakistan Conference

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Speak Up Pakistan Conference

Entering the 21st century, Nationalism is confronted by many challenges; one of the challenges is globalization. The impact of globalization penetrates very quickly into society, especially among the young generation. Globalization impacts on the loss of national identity as a nation which has a National identity. This is evidenced by the symptoms that arise in everyday life in young generation today. The era of globalization which is characterized by mutual openness and dependence among countries affects the national identity (Nationalism).
Globalization which is characterized by openness and dependence presents a great opportunity to adopt and implement innovations that come from the outside. Besides, the benefits of globalization are to educate people to have a cosmopolitan mindset and think globally. As an intelligent global society should be wise to address the impact of globalization because globalization does not necessarily have the positive effects. 
The nationalism of today's young generation is even more apprehensive, the impact of globalization which is not addressed thoughtfully affects the nation's moral. The fading sense of love for the nation's culture and concerning for the community become a big challenge for the nation. It takes steps to anticipate the negative effects of globalization on the nationalism. 
As stated by Hara (2000) nationalism includes a broader context of citizenship equality of various ethnicities and cultures within a nation. Nationalism also needs a national identity as a Nation. Nationalism as a unifying tool of various elements of the nation formation is also a form of ideology which puts the love, loyalty, and commitment to the state and nation. 
The main element of nationalism is the desire to live together as a community of nations that has achieved purposes and goals. 
There is a dire need of this nation is to enhance the nationalism as it became a magic word that is able to move the spirit, nationalism leads to a concept of national identity that functions in establishing the individual identity among the people of the world.  Some of the problems that occur in the university environment such as the violations among students fights between students, unfavorable perspectives on Pakistani culture indicating a lack of nationalism in young people. 

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