Project Ghazi release date has been postponed.

Project Ghazi release date has been postponed.

Rough, altered and poor sound; and numerous other defects were obvious in the film and we haven’t even begun on the plot, which we didn’t comprehend – or the acting.
It would seem that the group behind the film understood this and in-between two hours, took to online networking to report the delay of the film.
The post asserts that, “Movies of this size require broad specialized work. And subsequently to do equity to this class film, we have chosen to defer the release from July 14, 2017.”

“It is with a heavy heart that we are making the announcement that Project Ghazi’s release date has been postponed. We understand that this was a highly anticipated movie, but films of this magnitude require extensive technical work and hence to do justice to this film genre, we have decided to delay the release from July 14, 2017.”

The new release date will be announced soon.
Project Ghazi release date has been postponed.

Sheheryar Munawar‏ additionally took to Twitter to declare the postponement.

Humayun said, “When I saw the film the previous evening , clearly it was fragmented. There were issues with the sound and the adjustment was off. Normally I deal with the majority of the work in my own movies and we ensure that the cast and team can see the film before its release so that if there is an issue, we settle it. With Project Ghazi, these individuals [the creator team] didn’t have time and were under a considerable measure of weight because of the mid-year release request. They needed to have it prepared by July and the maker is yet another individual so I figure they took an abundant excess-weight on their heads and hurried it.”
Humayun Saeed plays the lead in the film.

He includes, “I couldn’t give this chance to be the last result of Project Ghazi. The gathering of people couldn’t be demonstrated this way. In what capacity can individuals judge a motion picture that they couldn’t hear legitimately?”

For Humayun, sitting through the film was a Herculean assignment. “I just couldn’t bear it, I cleared out in-between twenty minutes, considering in the event, that I can’t comprehend it. In what way will any other person?”


Humayun uncovers that Project Ghazi has been stuck in an unfortunate situation for some time with regards to timing. The star said “We didn’t get the opportunity to do any advancements for it. I, for one, feel that.”

Humayun uncovers that he made a push to prevent the film from releasing in its current state.


“I made a few calls to stop the film. We had a few contacts from the ISPR supporting the film and I disclosed to them that this film just can’t be released in the present state that it is. I think, the makers additionally saw the previous evening, that the film needs work. I don’t know whether the postponement is on me, however I wouldn’t fret, I’m happy there’s opportunity now. It’s just for the improvement of the film.”


As indicated by Humayun, Project Ghazi needs over a month or two to achieve the standard it ought to be at.


“I am very uncertain that Project Ghazi will be prepared in a month or two. I’m against that, since I don’t need them to surge it once more. I think the film needs a decent four to six months in after creation to be a decent release. A hero film like this needs a considerable measure of time and it’s not simply settling the sound. It’s dealing with the jittery alters and ensuring there’s a story the crowd can take after. I don’t need bargains here.”


Having seen the film, we’re appreciative to Humayun for deciding – despite the fact that it ought to have been made before the film’s authentic debut.


There is no new release date for Project Ghazi yet. Be that as it may, we are unquestionably seeking this postponement for the better!

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Project Ghazi release date has been postponed.

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