Olomopolo Media’s Mushk Is A Must Watch

With the revival of theatre in Pakistan, many versatile and complex subjects are being portrayed in very interesting and good manner. Even, some controversial topics are being explored in positive perspectives that not only develops linkage with the audience but also spreads awareness ultimately educating the masses. Recently, a very fine, dynamic and fascinating theatre play MUSHK has set the theatre industry on fire. Olomopolo Media Mushk stars Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha and has been directed by none other than Kanwal Khoosat. Let us analyze the theatre play.

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The two-hour long play is actually about an isolated genius, vociferous, short-tempered yet famous novelist Sophia played by Nimra Bucha and a strong woman who is a journalist Zoey played by Sania Saeed. The play explores complex relationships, human psychology and the essence of love supported by many twists and turns. The whole play revolves around these two characters as Zoey visits Sophia’s place who lives in far hilly area, in order to interview her about her latest novella for a local magazine. Their interaction unfold many mysteries related to their lives. The content has excellently been handled and every single element makes you go wow.


The play has been written by Raabia Qadir and Seemal Numan and undoubtedly is an unforgettable experience. The way the plot has been introduced is totally convincing. The conflict has been raised very wisely in the plot, nothing leaves you confused. Everything is communicated so swiftly through dialogues and perfect characterization. The play script reminds you of the Pakistani Classic Theatre as the high level and perfect Urdu language pour honey on your ear drums.


The set used in the play perfectly depicted the house of a writer. All the artifacts in the background surely explained the artistic nature and wise personality of the characters. The sounds, costumes especially the rainfall experience was awesome.


Well, Kanwal Khoosat knows how to grasp the sensitivity of the complex situations. From the start to end, everything looked perfect, all the movements, expressions directly communicated   the creativity of the director. Both the characters were handled intelligently. Even the composition of the stage was remarkable, all the objects like sofas, paintings, book shelf and queer decoration pieces depicted the private nature of the novelist. At some points in the middle, play seemed to be dragged a little bit, dialogues were not complementing the situation but however, all other excellent elements overshadowed this point.


As far as performances are concerned, Sania Saeed delivers a mind-blowing performance but Nimra Bucha surely steals the show. Sania was so soft in nature, her body language and expressions totally talked about her character. Nimra Bucha overshadows Sania, as her characterization, dialogue delivery and facial expressions totally justified her harsh and inflexible nature. Her each and every gesture makes you cry, smile and even her character give you chills after every specific interval. On the other hand, Sanai’s character appeals and explores its different perspective as the play progresses. Both the actresses deliver jaw dropping performance.


Music which is given by Zainab Jawad casts a spell on your mind. The background score and the promotional song makes you curious about the thriller play. Trust me you will set it on the repeat mode.

On the whole, this fiction based play is a must watch and definitely will leave you speechless because all the loops were tightened very fairly. Congratulations team! Your hard work and passion is visible from their presentation. Apart from that, the play’s different idea followed by mysteries make it a big deal to watch. Mushk, surely spreads the fragrance of love. Way to go Mushk!


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Olomopolo Media’s Mushk Is A Must Watch

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