Ali Noor Has Started A Vlog And We Are Loving It

Who isn’t a fan of Ali Noor our very own rock star from the rock band Noori, which him and his sibling Ali Hamza had formed back in 1996, ever since we have been grooving over their majestic creations and musical experiments that they have made over the course of time. Ali Noor Has Started A Vlog And We Are Loving ItFrom their discoveries to the floor of Coke Studio, it hasn’t been a place where we haven’t followed them. And truth be told we have loved them every time in our own specific way. But today what brings the spotlight over Ali Noor ? No it’s not his music but his vlogs which he has recently started through his own YouTube channel under the name ‘THIS IS ALI NOOR ’. The basic concept of the vlogs revolves around bringing the people more closer than ever and to share the everyday experiences with the masses

Ali Noor Has Started A Vlog And We Are Loving Itmaking them an enduring part of Ali Noor’s professional and personal life. According to Noor himself, he observes the medium of vloging as a golden chance to get engaged with the fans as well as the paparazzi. Noor states that making vlog has a message and an ultimate goal of learning and fetching out small things out of life which need attention and appreciation. In the first phase of the vloging journey it was all about the appreciation of little things those surround his life and now with the first vlog of the second phase after his 40th birthday bash, he contemplates that this would be his turn to learn smaller things that weren’t a center of his attention before, are you wondering about what ‘small’ learning we’re talking about? Things as basic as cutting an apple, which apparently Noor didn’t know how to do. (Courtesy: Himself)
Ali Noor Has Started A Vlog And We Are Loving ItThis new episode of vloging provides a comprehensive insight of Ali’s life back stage and beyond his musical credentials. The vlog usually consists of the sneak peak of his upcoming endeavors, his family and the two newest additions to his own, his two cute pet puppies. Ali Hamza and his parents are seldom part of the vlog according to the schedules and availability. This initiative is much appreciated that Noor is definitely trying to make a direct correlation with the people he loves and the fans that have been an impulsive part of his journey as a person and as the co-founder of contemporary rock group Noori.

We wish him a very happy belated birthday as he has reached to the 40 mark on 23rd September and best wishes for his work, the vlog and with everything that’s yet to come. Check out the link to his vlog below.

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Ali Noor Has Started A Vlog And We Are Loving It

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