Janaan Red Carpet at Arena and Cinegold

janaan red carpet at arena and cinegold

The romantic comedy film “Janaan by ARY Films Productions directed by Azfar Jafri had a sizzling red carpet event in September at the state of the art cinemas Arena and Cinegold in Bahria Town. The exclusive Red Carpet was sponsored by which is an online ticketing platform for movies and events. Both the cinemas are on board for ticketing with and therefore they play together for promotions.


Glittering the red carpet at Arena were Armeena Khan, Bilal Ashraf, Ali Rehman Khan who showcased themselves as the rising stars of Pakistani film industry. Other members of the cast and crew also joined the leading stars of the film and included actress Hania Aamir and actress and co-producer Hareem Farooq. Moreover appearances were made by producer Imran Raza Kazmi alongside director Azfar Jafri.

The theme of this Red Carpet event at Arena was to spread awareness about the movie Janaan. In collaboration with the team Janaan was able to make an enthralling appearance in the cinema. With efforts of the team, Arena and Cinegold beautiful decor was done to the venues with banners, posters and balloons.  The event started by warmly welcoming the team at the Arena Cinema with flower bouquets. Hania Aamir was extremely delighted to receive the lovely roses and was highly grateful. All the eyes and flashlights were on these celebrities who entered the hall with pride and great humbleness. The co-producer and actress Hareem Farooq after a brief speech by manager and Arena, introduced the cast of the movie. She encouraged the audience to support the movie and shared details of making of the film. Fans surrounded them to show their affection and enthusiasm and cheered, applauded and hailed their talent.

Janaan’s Red Carpet at Arena Cinema was a breathtaking occasion. The celebrities didn’t walk in fancy dresses and formal hair and makeup, but wore Janaan’s tee-shirts and exhibited informal interfaces. The black shirts with highlighted Janaan printed on them just didn’t showed the essence of high involvement of these celebrities in the movie but also promoted it at the upmost level.

The event was a public occasion. Fans walked in the cinema and had memorable moments with their favorite stars. The date for the red carpet was announced previously, and also promoted its sponsored event continuously on its official website and Facebook page. With the huge crowd at the venue, it seemed pretty obvious that the word had spread across the city. The eagerness to click pictures and get autographs revealed the love of these dearest fans. Everybody was excited about the release of the film in cinemas all over Pakistan, including cinemas in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other major cities on Eid ul Azha.

After the visit to Arena, the cast moved to Cinegold which is also located in Bahria Town. Here once again, a warm welcome was given by the administration of the cinema along with team A huge crowd of fan awaited their arrival and presented a huge outburst reaction on their arrival. Once again, the lights were on them, flashes and smiles filled the halls.

Media Channels also followed the talented team of Janaan to the location and held interviewing sessions about the film. Later, scrumptious hi-tea was offered to the cast Janaan which was almost drained of energy. All this time, all the people focused on the effort put into the movie and how these celebrities intended to revive the Pakistani cinema once again.

Film makers give a great amount of importance to the promotion of film these days. One of the films which did its promotion successfully was Janaan. On social media and other platforms the cast became more interactive with public. They have been posting different messages in reference to their movie promotion. Different promotional strategies were designed in which actors of Janaan Armeena Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and others tried to persuade the audience to watch Janaan.

The Red Carpet at Arena and Cinegold was also one of the promotional strategies, held in collaboration with The website did a fabulous job to set the most functional Red Carpet event. It was a precarious balancing act working with VIPs and celebrities for the team. The Red Carpet at Arena was successful considering things went orderly, flowing and on time.

The cinemas has already been highly indulged into the promotions of Janaan. Along with featuring posters of the movie featuring the main roles, the cast themselves visited the cinemas to spread awareness about their film. The audience gets excited and over whelmed to see these stars around in the cinema and they just can’t help themselves clicking pictures and selfies with them. The promotion was also done by Jeeto Pakistan, which is Fahad Mustafas Ramzan Show. Moreover, the trailers were played on Shreya Goshal and Arjit Singhs concert in UK. Wow, seems like Janaan went one step ahead to promote itself.

The movie Janaan was able to keep in the limelight among its fans and followers because it was promoted in the most versatile manner at every platform. With the extensive campaigns and hype in promotions, the eager audience were pushed to watch the movie. The Pakistani film industry outstands because of the ARY Films Productions. The platform is perfectly collaborated with the hard work and support from the team members and talented individuals. Together they contribute to the progression of Pakistani cinema and to once again buck it up to outshine. played a vital role in promoting Janaan. Apart from promotions, these events organized by gave the general audience a chance to meet and greet the celebrities in person. For regular updates about movies and other events start using! Apart from keeping you updated about events you will also be able to easily access tickets without worrying about being late to grab them from the store. Simply download app from your play store in your android and iOS mobile phones today and start the fun!

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