Ali Zafar Pakistan Super League 2017's Official Anthem

ali zafar pakistan super league 2017's official anthem

Pakistan Super League 2017's official anthem sang by again by talented Ali Zafar!

Ali Zafar hit the music scene in 2003 with his single "Channo". This track sold its half a million copies in just the first week and ended up selling over 5 million copies of his first album "Huqa Paani". The album unquestionably become one of the biggest hits the country had ever produced and made him a superstar overnight. Pakistan’s superstar a multi-talented actor, singer-songwriter, and musician. Ali Zafar has recently released Pakistan Super League 2017's official anthem for the second succeeding year titled 'AbKhelJamayGa'. The singer sang the official anthem for the 2017 Pakistan Super League T20 series and it's full of cricket sprit and is perfect to make us want to paint our faces again.

The Pakistan Super League song 2016 sure was a biggest hit for Pakistani cricket lovers nationwide. And sure was enough to make the cricket fans go crazy. This year Ali Zafar did his best to make the PSL fans even go crazier than ever before. Twitter account of PSL had released a little teaser last week, showing us the 'Rockstar' singer working on the track, titled 'Ab Khel Jamay Ga'. The PSL Twitter account had released a little teaser last week, this teaser defentlay show us the Rock Star attitude of singer working on the track, titled 'Ab Khel Jamay Ga'.

The audio version of the song has been released on January 1, 2017. Ali Zafar’s popularity and unchallengeable skills made this song directly made this song to make its place in the heart of this cricket love nation. In a statement, Zafar said "I am honored to have been chosen to write, compose and perform the anthem again this year. After last time's phenomenal response I assume the expectations for this year must be that much higher. Therefore I have tried to make a song that's fun, and not only celebrates the success of last year’s achievement but which anticipates what's in store for the year to come.”

For all the PSL and Ali Zafar’s fan enjoy this fun track!



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