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Beyond the Sea

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Turtle Beach Karachi

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Life stressing you out ? Work weighing you down ? A fun-filled, relaxing day at the beach is all you need ! Let the waves engulf your tensions and soothe your body.Let the sky lanterns lift you to the heights of ecstacy, let the movie enthrall your senses and let the fireworks ignite your soul!

Celebrino presents:

"Beyond the Sea"

A beach party like never before!

1) Experience a breathtaking sunset
2) Warm your hands on the blazing bonfire 
3) Light dazzling sky-lanterns
4) Groove to the tunes of the Live DJ
5) View thrilling fireworks
6) Enact the Mannequin challenge and much more
7) Treat yourself to the mouth watering food


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Turtle Beach Karachi

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