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Bakhtawar Bhutto Women Festival - Empowering Young Women

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Shah Latif, Girls College , Hyderabad.

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“I Help” is non-governmental, non for profit organization working as an empowerment vehicle and a revolutionary movement for youth focusing on to grow a community of engaged, capable learners and individuals working continuously to increase their capacity to achieve excellence. Our Mission is to be the continental umbrella organization for the youth of the nation, providing a platform for youth-led programs, a forum for dialogue, and a network of future leaders.

"The Bakhtawar Bhutto Women Festival"

The main aim of the event is to empower females and give them an opportunity to showcase their skills.
Pakistan has a generation of females who are role models and inspiration for others.
The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of females who have excelled in different walks of life.
We intent to provide a platform for sharing inspirational stories and motivation for others so others can also achieve their dreams. 
Persons with disabilities often left out in the society and pushed towards the margins. Through this event we also intend to provide a platform to differently abled persons to participate in different development programmes and contribute towards the betterment and growth of the society and nation.
The idea is to offer an opportunity to groups and individuals working on the inclusion of such people in the society. Believing that together all the stakeholders can overcome the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating equally in development of the society.

LOCATION: Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.
Venue: Govt. Girls Degree College Qaismabad, Hyderabad
Timings: 11:00 am – 09:00 pm
Dates: 21st January – 22nd January 2017

* Promoting Peace and Cultural Diversity. 
* Promoting Leadership.
* Promoting Women Empowerment.
* Raising Awareness about the cornice issues of the society.
* Advocating right of education for girls.
* Developing an inclusive society. 
* Develop interpersonal Skills.

* Dukhtar E Pakistan Award 
* Keynote Sessions.
* Competitions.
* Theater Performances.
* Stalls. (Food, Vocational, Brands)
* Sufi Night. (Concert)
Competitions Include:
* Debates.
* Singing.
* Sketching.
* Photography. (Videography)
* Beauty contest.
* Sports Competitions (Volley Ball, Badminton)

Others Attractions:
* Wheel Chair Distribution (Need Based & Right Based)
Donated By: Bilawal Bhutto Foundation.

Media Partners: 
Many thanks to Gexton Education for supporting us as Media partner with their creative designs.
Gexton Education – Crowning Jewel pioneers of IT with huge proven track record of making entrepreneurs in Hyderabad. 

Special thanks: 
Heartiest thanks to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Foundation and Youth Icon Mr. Fida Wassan for his meaning full and unconditional support.


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Shah Latif, Girls College , Hyderabad.

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